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1968 Real Chevrolet Nova SS - Motor Car Collector

1968 Real Chevrolet Nova SS

Rare and beautiful real turquoise Nova SS, which in turn heads wherever you go. This car is absolutely drop dead gorgeous in every way with a 350 cu in engine bench, painted rims, hubcaps and 4-speed vessel. How to restore the photos from the original car to see, including the engine compartment. It is a sound body is undisturbed and color as the glass. The car was not completed before 3 years to build new engine and new equipment. If you look at the COPO You are the love of this beauty. This car is a perfect car to drive and enjoy without a lot of money to spend mega. I just returned from Barrett-Jackson Auction Barrett Jackson Vegas or similar vehicle, at least 35 k easy to install and backup is much less than that and very, very sensible would be. However, there is a prize or give. Here you can find cheaper, Nova SS, but not this faith and quality for the price I have on this subject. This car can be driven anywhere, anytime. Please call or send an e-mail on the minimum and please do not undecided. This is a car for 42 years and is sold "AS IS", if the seller makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the status, power or authenticity of this vehicle. The buyer is responsible for the collection and delivery of this car and assumes full responsibility for vehicle damage and liability from the use of vehicles from the date of sale.

VIN # 114278W360767

1 = Chevrolet

14 = Chevy II Nova V8

27 = 2 door sedan

8 = 1968

W = Willow Run, Michigan

360767 = Production Sequence



ST 68 11427 WRN 90219

TR 733 K-K Paint

06C = Build Date of June 3rd Week

68 = 1968

1 = Chevrolet

14 = Class II Nova V8

27 = 2 Door Sedan

WRN = Willow Run, Michigan

90219 = Sequence Number

TR 733 = Black Vinyl Bench seat Standard

KK = Paint – Tropoli Turquoise

Engine Decode:
Pad: TO6609MS (see below)

T- Build in Tonawanda plant

06- June

69-day Note: (used a 6 sometimes on assembly line in place of 0 when stamp digit out of inventory); equates to 9th day of June

MS- 1968 Nova 350; 295HP; Base engine for SS Nova

Block #-F178- F=June 17th, 8+1968, correct numbers and time stamp for car

Numbers above oil filter: 857, 844,64N

Block casting# 3914678-(68 350 Nova); 14 GM

Intake # 3927184-68 Nova GM 2

Heads# 391729-1 (F15-08); double hump: correct time stamp and numbers for car.

Rochester Carburetor-1969 #07029207 correct, also used on corvette 350ci/300hp

Intake-1969 Nova/Corvette 350ci/300hp

Distributor-1968 #111150

3899621 GM


6261884 on case M14-1; 4-73 passenger side

6281886 GM1 tail shaft driver side


GM 338986 14141GM NF
Rearend-12 Bolt GM

3894860 G 56 at bottom; front of chunk

GM56 top rear of chunk

E258 rear of chunk

87890 CN2


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